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Our Services 


Every body is different. Shape, size, ability and strength.

Our intention is to work with the body, not against it. We adapt the instruction and practice of yoga in a safe and mindful way. We do all type of yoga including yoga for children, adults of all ages, chair yoga, and adapted yoga.

Prenatal Yoga 

Our team will help you confidently navigate your pregnancy and prepare for your delivery in our private or semi private classes designed to keep you calm and comfortable while preparing for labour. We focus on both mind and body to help strengthen your ability to listen to, and trust your inner voice. 

Mom and Baby Yoga

Through our private and semi private Mom & Baby Yoga classes we will provide you with the mental and physical tools to gently strengthen your post-pregnancy body. Our class also stimulates baby's reflexes, fine motor skills and provides the opportunity for mom and baby to play, interact and connect in a supportive environment. 

Corporate Yoga

Our Corporate Yoga Classes are designed to create a positive work environment for your employees. We aim to increase your teams energy and mental focus to help them feel more relaxed and productive while at work. 

Dance Fit Fun

Our classes are upbeat, fun and get the blood flowing! Each class begins with a cardio warm up, followed by a choreographed dance portion, ending with a relaxing stretch and cool down.


The intention is to develop core muscle groups that focus on improving posture while stabilizing, stretching and strengthening the body, using the breath to connect the mind with the movement.


Reiki is a healing art that channels energy through the hands to the receiver. It is effective for the process and support of healing, stress release, relaxation and lifting blocked emotions.

Meditation & Mindfulness

Through meditation, our team will teach you techniques such as mindfulness to achieve a mentally clear, emotionally strong and stable state.  

Yoga in School 

Coming soon! 

Birthday Parties

Our Birthday Dance Parties are customized to your son/daughters wants! We can teach Jazz, Hip Hop, Ballet, do fun Dance Games, or teach a Choreographed Dance such as Michael Jackson's Thriller or Fortnite Dance Moves!

Events, Workshops and Expos

Our Team can attend your Events, Workshops and Expos to share information on Yoga & Wellness, share empowering speeches and provide demos and group sessions to keep your attendees engaged.

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